[NanoAnteprima] Kepler-3042 (English version)

Today we are featuring a prototype that was kindly offered us to try by Placentia Games, Kepler-3042, whose crowdfunding campaign is available on Kickstarter.

The name of the game is inspired by the real Kepler probe sent by NASA into the space to search for new planets to colonize, the same purpose that each player will have in the game. In fact we impersonate a scientific company that, in the year 3042, will send spaceships into the space searching for new planets to colonize and to use to produce new resources.



Versione in italiano dell'articolo


The game is composed of 16 rounds. During each round, the players will have a primary action and two optional bonus actions. At the beginning of each turn an event card is revealed, whose effect will be applied at the end of that round. The effects of these events cards will apply to all the players who meet the specified requirements.

Each player will have:

  • A dashboard where the main actions and optional bonus actions, according to a matrix, are indicated;
  • A technological progress plank on which represents the technologies and the level of each one;
  • 7 energy resources;
  • 7 resources matters;
  • 3 anti-material resources;
  • 3 spaceships;
  • 1 Earth card.
Plancia giocatore principale

Primary player board

The main actions available will enable us to place new ships in the galaxy by paying the related cost in resources, move the ships, reveal planet cards, develop technologies, create antimatter, colonize planets, produce resources on the planets, or terraform a planet in our possession.

In order to use the optional bonus actions we will have to “burn” a resource among those on our reserves, then we must be careful not to use them too often otherwise we will end up with no resources to produce. In fact, the burnt resources are considered lost, as it will be very difficult to recover them. Secondary actions will allow us to place a ship in the galaxy (without paying its cost), generating an antimatter cube, advance ¬†one space on the colonial or technological leadership track, move the spaceships of two boxes or produce matter and energy on land.


Partita di playtest

Playtest game

At the end of the 16th round, the final score is calculated as follows:

  • 1 point for each Antimatter Resource present on their cards Planet
  • 3 points if they have at least 3 planets of the same type
  • 5 points if they have one planet for each of the 5 types
  • 2 points for each ship on a Mine hexagon
  • 2 points for each technology to the ma